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The American Idiot Musical made it's debut a couple days ago (Sept. 16) for the public, so here's a couple articles and some photos. For those of you who asked, J'net's review is just about done and will be published soon. The newest issue of Rolling Stone has a small blurb about the musical, along with a picture of Billie Joe and Mike with Adrienne and Brittney. The first picture below is from Rolling Stone.

Article from Rolling
Billie Joe: “I was interested and flattered to meet [director] Michael Mayer. We were floored by Spring Awakening [the 2006 Tony-winning rock musical Mayer helmed], and so there were no worries. I think this is a broader version of the album. We started with Johnny, St. Jimmy, and Whatsername, and Mayer added Will, Tunny and Heather. Your heart goes out to them.”

Article from
The cast, led by Tony-winner John Gallagher Jr., is phenomenal and the physicality they bring to the show and Steven Hoggett's punk-esque choreography deserves a lot of praise. The sets, lighting, video and projection design are all amazing, creating a huge, urban jungle gym of concrete platforms, flat-screen TVs, and ad-plastered walls that keep every scene visually alive.

Article From
That attendance, and the fact that the show’s run already has been extended, isn’t entirely surprising, given Green Day’s international popularity as well as its hometown appeal.
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