Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout! Records, and the band the Lookouts) just recently re-designed his blog,, and one of the featured posts is this interview with Billie Joe from late 2001/early 2002.

So far he's only posted part one, but it's a really great interview. They talk a lot about what Billie Joe and the band went through in the early years, their families, and also about the confusing time surrounding the success of Dookie.

Here's an excerpt talking about the time after Dookie with Insomniac:
Yeah. I think I was just lost. I couldn’t find the strength to convince myself that what I was doing was a good thing. I was in a band that was huge because it was supposed to be huge, because our songs were that good. I couldn’t ever feel like I was doing the right thing, because it felt like I was making so many people angry. That’s where I got so confused, and it became really stupid. I would never want to live that part of my life over again. Ever.
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