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By Courtney /Sep. 2, 2001 / Comments
Yeah know I was gonna do some more updating last night, I really was. I only got the Videos page done. But before I knew it, we were on our way down to the Allentown Fair to see Blink182 and New Found Glory in concert. Awesome show. I thought since most of you guys listen to them, I'd post some of the pictures I got with my digital camera. We were pretty far away, since we didn't have tickets before hand, but then we moved and I zoomed in to get somewhat close. I didn't get very many of Blink 182 however, my stupid batteries in my camera were dying. After the concert, we walked to Wawa so I could get money from the ATM, and there was a guy there looking at us. He turned to us and he was like "So how did you guys like the show?" and we were chatting for awhile, then I noticed he had on an pass for the fair. When he left, I said to my friends that would be weird if he was like one of the guys from New Found Glory (I heard them before but never seen them). Then when I got home, I went on their website and looked at the band members, and he did sorta look like Jordan from NFG. I don't know if it really was him, but it was kinda weird. Anyway, here's those pix. Click on them to make them bigger. +

NFG5Blink 182Blink 182Blink 182

+The Videos page is somewhat up. I'm going to look for a alternative to see if maybe I can upload my videos for this page. Check back for that.
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