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Below is another Green Day AOL buddy icon I found at Ballericons. I created a new navigation frame on the side. For example you click on The Band (or Fan or Site) and a little menu should show up. Click on The Band (or Fan or Site) again and it'll close. So simple, my ass could figure it out. Let me know how you like it or if you like the other one better. Think wisely, it took me almost a fuckin' week to perfect it. No one ever fucking e-mails me about this page. Not even for fuckin' links exchange. Anyway, in other news, fucking Sum41 lost to bitchass Alicia Keys (name?) for Best New Artist with "I'm Fallin' (asleep to this fuckin' stupid song)". Then again, no one ever said MTV was smart. Green Day wasn't even nominated, but the Ramones made an appearance. Anyway again. My boyfriend Thad might help me with the page and I have another one, Phil (owner of nimrod. Online) willing to help. I'll keep you updated, if you care.+

+ P/S: Yes I'm in a fucking cursing mood today. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. +
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