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God bless America. That's all I can say about the events that occured on Tuesday. They thought we'd grow weaker, but the United States has only grown stronger. Some of us are angry, some are sad, and some have mixed emotions. Being a mere 90 minutes away from New York City, the tragedy has hit us hard here at home. Many here are frantically searching for their loved ones, but all they can do is sit and hope. The local radio station I listen to, 95.1 WZZO, has collected more than $100,000 in donations for the American Red Cross. So has another radio station, Cat Country 96 (yes I hate country to, but that's not the point), has also collected nearly $100,000 in donations. That's an amazing turnout for a small valley in Pennsylvania. Everyone seems to have an American flag now on their car or at their homes. It's just amazing. But I would like to say one thing directly to these terrorists. You thought we'd fall and grow weak. That's not the nature of us. We stand strong and proud and we will defeat you. And you people who are dancing in the streets and are laughing, this is not a joke. The United States will wipe those smiles right off your faces, and show you and the world that we will not tolerate such behavior. We have NATO and 18 other Nations behind us. We have helped many times in the past, now it's time for other nations to help us. For those who do not believe that America has helped so many, read this speech, from Canadian Gordon Sinclair several years ago. That's all I have to say about Tuesday, before I get pissed off even more than I already am. The American Flag and words on the top of this page, will remain up for at least a month. Any other comments about what I have said or what else you think about this, you can share them with me by e-mail or by signing my guestbook. +

+I'm considering about putting up a page in which fans and visitors of this page can put up items they are looking for or want to sell. It's going to be called Collector's Corner. Good idea or bad idea? E-mail me your thoughts. The cover for Green Day's new greatest hits collections "International Superhits", which will be released in Europe October 22 and the USA November 6, is below. It and the track listing will soon be listed on the Lyrics & Discography page. Any other ideas for new pages are also welcome. +

International Superhits
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