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[url=][newsImage]112210_collectoin.jpg[/newsImage][/url]Most of us have heard '[turl=]Maria[/turl]' that's included on International Superhits - but until recently, I hadn't realized there was another version of this song, which is available on iTunes and Amazon as part of "The Green Day Collection".


The biggest difference in the songs are the sound on the vocals. I'm not really 100% sure where this version came from, if it was released as part of something else, or if it's appearance in the GD Collection is the first of it's release. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can correct me in the comments. Edit: I'm told by Matt this was released on the Waiting 7" Vinyl.

You can purchase it on iTunes by clicking here, scroll down to #156 (under album 11, Bonus Songs). And on Amazon by clicking here.
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