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All last week we let you guys vote on the next track for the GDA Record a Song Project and "Walking Contradiction" came out as the winner. We decided to close the poll early because Walking Contradiction had a big lead, and we wanted to keep announcing the winning track on the Podcast, which is now recorded on Sundays.

Walking Contradiction: 29.35%
86: 20.22%
Geek Stink Breath: 19.03%
Stuart and the Ave: 17.42%
Stuck With Me: 14%

All this week, you guys can submit your drum entries on the Record a Song page. Entries are due next Sunday, the 28th, by 11:59am EST. After that, we will start accepting bass entries on Monday, November 29th.

Before recording and/or submitting your drum track, PLEASE read the rules. If these rules aren't followed, your entry will not be accepted.
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