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[url=][newsImage]112310_nymag.jpg[/newsImage][/url]New York Magazine has included Green Day in a list of bands that have shelved albums, and started fresh with new material. They talk about the band working on Cigarettes and Valentines after Warning, but after it was stolen, they began work on American Idiot.

[quote]Following 2000's tepidly received Warning, Green Day decided to return to its scaled-down roots, recording nearly twenty new songs (which, given Green Day's early pop-punk metabolism rate, would have yielded an album about eleven minutes long). But the master tapes were stolen from the recording studio, prompting the band to start over again, a task that resulted in 2004's American Idiot.
For years, fans speculated that Green Day had been releasing Valentines tracks under the guise of the Network, the band's New Wave side project. But the band members have always denied the charge, and the songs remained forever lost -- until this summer, when Green Day recorded Valentines and Cigarettes's [sic] title track for a forthcoming live album. [/quote]

The whole story, which includes other bands such Pink Floyd, Korn and Duran Duran, all comes from this story talking about MCR's new album (released last Friday), which the band wrote after stopping work on another album. "Will MCR join Green Day, Supergrass, and others in successfully keeping their songs to themselves? Let's check out the short list of secret shelved albums, and the odds that they'll ever be heard."
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