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As we first wrote about back in November, Billie Joe is returning to Broadway to play St. Jimmy in the American Idiot Musical for January and February. His run starts January 1st. If you're buying tickets and hope to see Billie, don't forget that he does have 2 weeks off, so be sure to check out the calendar on the musical site for dates of his performances.

In the musical, St. Jimmy takes on a role very similar to his characterization in the American Idiot album - he's the dark side of the Jesus of Suburbia (known as Johnny in the musical). The character has been played by the talented Tony Vincent since the musical's start in September 2009 in Berkeley, CA. Tony's last show was last night - he'll be moving on to work on other projects.

Billie Joe played the part of St. Jimmy in October for one week to some great reviews. His "St. Jimmy" is a little different than Tony Vincent's, but both play very strong characters.

For tickets and information, visit the American Idiot Musical site.

For some background on the show, check our our musical page.

If any of you are going to the first performance, email us, info@greendayauthority.com with your recaps and thoughts.

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