The New York Times recently (as in last week) sat down with Billie Joe just before his performance on 'American Idiot' to talk about him performing in the musical. It's a really great Q&A with him - he gave some nice insights into his view on the musical, and how he feels about participating in it. Here's a couple answers he gave:

How did your band mates in Green Day feel about losing you to the show for a few weeks?
"They were like: "Do it. We need to take a break. Get away from us for a while." They're totally into it."

What do you do during your downtime from the show?
"I have an apartment and I do demos during the day, just writing songs and stuff, and I have this night thing. I like the fact that I can be on stage at night and be physical and in front of people, while I go home and write at the same time. It's not like doing it in a tour bus."

Are those songs that could turn up on another Green Day album?
"Right now, I'm at a stage where it's just for fun. I'm not sure yet. When I get home in March, I'll just hang out with my band mates, and we'll pick through the piles. But I'm always writing for the next Green Day record, for sure."

They also asked him about his family, previous experience in theater, and lots of other really good questions. You can read the full interview on the NYT site.
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