Episode 30: ******* ** Fuck

This week we talk about Awesome as Fuck's artwork, the track list (not a setlist), and the release of the AAF trailer. We also spend some time talking with Tony and J'net, who both saw Billie Joe performing in the musical last weekend.

Length: 1hr 27mins

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Topics Covered

Awesome As Fuck

Official Banner Artwork for 'Awesome As Fuck'

Trailer for Awesome As Fuck

IT'LL BE A POLE!!! Do you like 'Awesome As Fuck' as the title for the live album.

The Musical

Q&A Interview with Billie Joe

The New York Times praises Billie Joe's performance in the musical

ContactMusic quotes the NY Times about Billie wanting to work on a new musical

Other Stuff

Song of the Week: Static Age

Green Day Around The World Project
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Facebook Page for Green Day Around the World
Listener Email
Sent by Archita

"dont u think the title for the album is a bit too..weird?i appreciate..the source from where billie joe got the idea but still its gonna be extremely awkward to go to a mall and ask the guy in charge of the english music section'hey..do you have this live album called awesome as fuck'?"

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