Last night Mike Dirnt was in the audience to watch Billie Joe perform as St. Jimmy in the American Idiot musical. At the end of the show, the entire cast comes out and performs Good Riddance - but last night Billie pulled Mike up on stage to play the rest of the finale. Here's a description from Megan who was in attendance,
"Just thought I'd share that tonight I went to see the American Idiot musical with Billie playing St. Jimmy. He performed wonderfully of course, but the real treat was when he stopped during the intro of Good Riddance, peered out over the audience and said, "If me and Mike Dirnt are in the same room, it's not quite right if he's not on stage with me right now." Turns out Mike had been sitting in the audience the whole time! He got right up, walked onstage, and they all played the finale together! Everyone went absolutely crazy, and it was so much fun!"

Billie sent out a tweet about it (@BJAofficial)
"great show last night. mr. dirnt was in the casa! very special moment. now i just want to get ina van and tour again!!"

This video shows Billie getting Mike on stage

Click the link below for more videos.

Thanks to roxsw88, plaid ducky and TAG for sharing the videos.

Here's a video right after Mike gets up on stage (sporting some new facial hair). If anyone has better video or some photos, email them to

Here's another video, uploaded by Pretzone.
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