Title: Ze Vilhelm Fink

This week Andres, Matt, Mikey, Tony and Jimmy talk about Billie Joe joining Twitter, Mike being pulled on stage, his side band The Frustrators going on tour, Melissa Ethridge joining the musical cast, and we review the Times Talk interview with Billie Joe.

We also share some thoughts on Kerplunk's 19th anniversary.

Be sure to listen to the "Guess the song" segment. If you're the first person to guess the song correctly, you'll win a 2011 Green Day calendar.

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Length: 1hr 4mins

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Topics Covered

Billie Joe's account on Twitter

Mike Dirnt joins Billie Joe and musical cast on stage during 'Good Riddance' last nigh

Mike Dirnt's side band The Frustrators announce a mini-tour at the end of February

The New York Times praises Billie Joe's performance in the musical, and posts some new photos

Melissa Etheridge to Play St. Jimmy in American Idiot from February 1st - 6th

Video from Times Talk interview now up to view and download

Song of the Week:
The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink

Macy's Day Parade covered by Matt and Mikey

Download Macy's Day Parade

Listener Email sent by Haley (Babsuvula815 on the forum)
"One of my friends used to hate Green Day with a fiery burning passion. He would take every opportunity he had to insult them, and it was driving me insane. I finally decided to do something about it. I wrote down the lyrics to Paper Lanterns and She, and showed them to my friend, telling him I had written them. Since he never actually listened to Green Day, he believed me, and thought the lyrics were amazing. Pretty soon, all my other friends were in on the joke. I "wrote" Last Night on Earth, Android, and 80, also. He thought I was a musical genius, and kept asking me who they were about. One day, a lot of my friends were over at my house, including the one I was pulling the prank on. We were watching my videos from my Green Day concert in Bristow, and my video for Paper Lanterns came on. My friend who didn't like Green Day was shocked. "They're playing your song!" he screamed. I laughed and said "no, they're playing THEIR song. I then showed him all of the songs I had written that were actually Green Day songs. He was really embarrassed, we all still make fun of him for it. He also likes Green Day now. Imagine that. "

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February 2023
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Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
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Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!