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Hey guys. I've been adding a lot of fan submitted pictures to the site so I just wanted to send out a little reminder to everyone to send their fan art, Green Day tattoos, decorated rooms, and meeting Green Day photos into our Fan Photos section so we can get them displayed for the world to see! I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want their art shared on the best Green Day site for other fans and maybe even the band to see?

Also, while working on the Picture Vault I've noticed that GDA has been lacking in photos from the 21st Century Breakdown era. So if you have any that we don't, and you would like to send them in, please send them to the same email listed on the Fan Photos section, or if you are a GDC user, you can post them in this thread. Recent photos is what I'm after, however, American Idiot Musical photos, and older pictures if we don't have them would be appreciated. I'm mostly looking for promotional pictures (ex: photo shoots), but I'll take concert pictures as well. Please make sure they at least decent quality.

Thanks to everyone in advance for their help. That is all.
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