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Last month we posted about Green Day being featured in Goldmine magazine. Now Goldmine has made the article available online. It's a very in-depth look through Green Day's career, covering everything from "Dookie" to "Awesome as Fuck." They talk about the success of American Idiot, as well as the band's entrance to Broadway and the other side projects Green Day entertains themselves with. It's a pretty great read, and nice summary of the band's career. Here's a snippit about the most recent stuff:

"And the track chosen as first (promo only) single [for Awesome as F**k] was "Cigarettes and Valentines," one of the songs Green Day had been working on before switching direction and deciding to go for broke in creating "American Idiot." It was a bold step that's paid off in a big way for the band. By being open to pursuing new musical directions, Green Day has managed to make the transition from snotty punk rockers to confident elder statesmen -- with a loyal fan base that's eager to hear what the band's going to do next."

Visit the Goldmine site to read the full article.
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Green Day's live album, "Awesome As Fuck", was released 10 years ago.