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The past few days we've been talking about Kyle Rodas, a 14 year old Green Day fan from California who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. His last wish was to meet members of his favorite bands, Green Day, Linkin Park, and Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy called Kyle on Tuesday, and said he'd go visit when he was done touring in Europe. A couple members of Linkin Park went by to visit Kyle yesterday (or Tuesday evening), and yesterday Adrienne sent out a tweet asking for contact info for Kyle (which we forwarded) and then late last night Billie sent the following tweet.

"Hello Kyle. Just want you to know we're thinking about you. Fight the good fight little brother. Rage and love Billie Joe"

And today Billie Joe sent the following:
"Just talked to Kyle on the phone. I talked to his father Oscar too. Beautiful family. And they're Raider fans! Yes! I love that kid!"

It's been awesome to see members of each of these bands reach out to Kyle and his family. Here's a note I got from Kyle's dad shortly after we posted the story on GDA.

"Andres thank you so much. It would mean the world for us to see our son smile again. Thank you for your prayers!"

It's been incredible hearing from Green Day fans around the world interested in helping in whatever way they can. Yesterday we posted info on how you could send a letter or card to Kyle and his family (you still have just over a week till the deadline June 17th), and we're also collecting donations through PayPal to help Kyle and his family.

Today we've decided to step up our commitment in the hopes that it will encourage more people to get involved in some way. First, for each donation we receive via PayPal, PayPal takes a percentage as a fee. We've decided that GDA will donate whatever amount those fees total to make sure 100% of the money sent in makes it to the Rodas family.

Secondly, we're going to be donating 10% of all revenue we've made from GDA merchandise for the month of June to the American Cancer Society. If you bought something from us earlier in the month, 10% of whatever you paid will automatically be donated. And of course, 10% of any orders placed from today till June 30th will also be donated.

A huge thanks to the members of Green Day, Linkin Park and Ozzy Osbourne, for helping this kid's dream come true. And another huge thanks to all the Green Day fans who have reached out and wanted to help in some way. Be sure to read this post for details on sending a letter or donating via PayPal.
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