Just wanted to give you guys a quick update if you've ordered any merchandise from GDA in the last month. Our guitar picks were sold out and backordered for nearly 3 weeks, which was a painful wait. We finally got more in late last week and are now continuing to ship out orders made this month. If you're waiting for yours, you should be getting an email from us within 48 hours that your order is on it's way.

For those of you who ordered Cometbus, your orders are also being sent out now. Because of the volume of orders we received in a short time, we got a little behind, but, fear not, your ordres are also on the way. If you ordered an "A*****E A* FUCK" t-shirt from us, those are currently being printed and we'll have an update on when you can expect them later this week. We'll send emails to everyone who ordered.

Tomorrow we're going to be putting up another zine for sale that includes a rare interview with Jason White. More details on that tomorrow.

If it's been over a month that you placed your order and have yet to receive your stuff, you should send us an email - orders@greendayauthority.com - just to make sure we have your order info correctly (address, name, etc.) and so we can make sure no ones order goes missed.

Quick reminder that we'll be donating 10% of the total income we make from merchandise through the month of June to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you all for supporting GDA and being patient with us as we work out the kinks with our merchandise. We're continuing to improve how we handle sales as we learn from each order.
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Happy Birthday Mike Dirnt! He turns 50 today.