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This week's Song of the Week is the poignant J.A.R, originally released in 1995 on the soundtrack for the movie 'Angus', and more commonly known as track number 8 off Green Day's 2001 greatest hits compilation album, International Superhits!. J.A.R was written by Mike Dirnt in memory of the band's close friend, Jason Andew Relva, who died in a car crash in 1992. Lyrically, it's probably one of the saddest songs in Green Day's catalogue - it's deeply poignant; all about realising the importance of seizing the moment as life is too short to be living for the distant future. It also has one of the best bass lines in any Green Day song, and is absolutely amazing to hear live, as we all can experience on the band's 2011 live album, Awesome As Fuck.

This week's video is a great front-row recording of Green Day's performance of the song on the 21st Century Breakdown Tour on August 12th, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.

(video credit: Rebel070)

Lyrics to the song can be found here, and this is J.A.R's Song of the Week thread. Feel free to stop by and post your opinion, or nominate next week's song.
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