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That's right, everyone, the GDA/GDC Remix Contest is back, and with a new twist! We know you all love Green Day songs, and I'd bet you all have a few where you figure you can make them sound better than they already do. And we love it that you think that way, so we want you to be able to explore your curiosity as much as you want to.

That's right, for this remix competition, you can choose any Green Day song (or songs) you want. You can focus your submission around one song, or do a mash-up of several. As long as it's a song performed by Green Day, you can do as you will. There is one minor catch, though...

Your remix must incorporate a Foxboro Hot Tubs track! Doesn't have to be the whole song, but you must at least sample a significant portion of a Foxboro Hot Tubs piece into your mix, and you cannot mix in any non-Green Day songs. Beyond that, there are no restrictions whatsoever on what songs you choose or how you structure the mix.

Novices, fret not! You can find a great tutorial on remixing here. Read through that, and you'll have a pretty good handle on what you'll need and where to begin.

As usual, we will not be providing any media for use in this project, and GDC is not the place to go asking for it.

"So what's in it for me?", you ask? Well, aside from eternal glory, fame and being featured on a future GDA Podcast, you'll be rewarded with a sexy banner that you can place in your GDC forum signature. Hey, you can place it in email signatures and signature lines on other forums, too. Show your mastery of the mix off throughout the Internet!

As an added bonus, the winner will get any shirt of their choosing from the official Green Day store!

So, think you're ready to become challenge Wobbie, the reigning Master of the Mix? Give it a shot! All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern, Friday, November 18, 2011. You can either send your mixes to matt@greendayauthority.com, or send them via PM to Tre's Busted Drumkit on the GDC forum. Make sure your email/PM is titled "Remix Contest Entry".

So let's mix it up, Green Day fans! Oh baby baby, IT'S MIX TIME!
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