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As announced by the Green Day Street Team, here are the official release dates of 'International Superhits':+

October 29 - Australia / New Zealand

November 7 - Japan

November 12 - Rest of world (excluding North America)

November 13 - US and Canada

+The DVD is said to be released the same day as the CD, and the title is being released as 'International Videos'. It will include all of Green Day's videos and a bunch of other shit. And last, The Official Green Day Website has added some new pix from the Reading Festival.+

+Website Updates/News: First, let's start with the things that were added to the page. A Message Board and a Greeting Card utility were added today. As well as a new entry was added to Collector's Corner, The Nimrods Website (this site is in spanish) was added to the links page, and GD Rox is now an affiliate. Also, I was thinkin' about having a contest to win an autographed Green Day picture. Good idea or Bad idea? Please, contact us and let us know what you think, or vote on the mini poll above. I know it looks stupid there, but it's only gonna be there for a little bit. I really didn't want to start the contest until after Basketcase's contest is complete. In case you didn't know, you could enter to win Insomniac there. Oh and you better vote for me for Wook's site of the month! And last but not least, if you see that I have an e-mail address as, don't use it. I deleted it. If you need to e-mail me directly, it's or Thank you!
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