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Green Day is on the cover of Kerrang magazine again! For more info, go to their website. It must be just a thing around here, but I can't find Kerrang on any of the newstands. I guess it is not out in the USA. If you missed Billie Joe's audio file at greenday.com that's tough because Billie's message is gone and now Tre recorded a message talking about the posts we left on the message board there. So get your pansy ass over there now before it's too late. There's also a new interview with Tre at LAUNCH.com. +

+ Website News/Updates: I got a new AOL SN. It's GreenDayRulezMe. The GDA Contest to win an autographed picture is up, so be sure to enter. Some new pages are up, Autographs and GDA Poll. In the works: Concert Reviews. I need them too! Please send them to me, among the other things you can send are personal experiences with Green Day, autographs, pictures, downloads, anything you want on this page, send me! I'll get it on here. Meanwhile enter the contest and try to be interested in this page
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