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It's all pretty quiet on the Green Day news side, but I'm just gonna make a few comments about some thing. 409 Online has pictures of the articles of Kerrang! magazine featuring Green Day. They also have have the "possible" intro to 'International Superhits'. Go there to check it out. Basket Case Online is back with an awesome new design. Make sure you get your ass there and check it out. And ya know, I just put up my contest on last update, and I have received tons of entries already! So get your entry in today. Click here to enter. For the next week or so, I'm changing some things on the site, so please don't mind it if my layout looks a little funny. And last, I have a little favor to ask of you guys. There's a DJ at 95.1 WZZO, a local radio station, who just put out a CD called 'Finally'. The CD rocks so you might wanna check out his site at www.chrisline.com and listen to some of the sound files of his songs. Chris is a really nice guy, so if you like his music, buy one of the CDs and help him out! :)
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