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Well I was to lazy to update yesterday, so I want to put out in this update that you can listen to GD's new album, 'International Superhits', at AOL Listening Party. MTV2 will be airing Green Day videos in blocks, which will include info on how you can win a trip to the X-Games in Aspen, Colorado in January to see them perform! Too bad I don't have MTV2. :( Anyway, here are the times of the blocks that will air: +

11.13: 1:00am EST/10:00pm PST

11.16: 12 Midnight/9:00pm PST

11.17: 12:30am EST/9:30pm PST

11.18: 1:00am EST/10:00pm PST

11.19: 1:00am EST/10:00pm PST

11.22: Midnight EST/9:00pm PST

11.23: Midnight EST/9:00pm PST

+Thanks to Green Day Street Team for that info. Tre talks about Green Day's newest song, 'Poprocks & Coke', at Quoting Tre from the article, he says "That's like a good song to make out with your boyfriend to, or your girlfriend, whatever. Who ever you like to make out with. It's a good song to get all bubbly, tickly,'s a nice song." Hrmmm....gotta try it. +

+Website Updates/News: Keep the contest entries coming, I got like a dozen more since last update. Also a new autograph was added to the Autographs page. And last, someone named Tim submitted a Collector's Corner entry. Tim if you get this, your e-mail didn't come through and that was one of the requirements. Therefore, I can't put it on the page until you contact me with your e-mail address. Thanks everyone. Have fun!
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