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Well I have a lot to fill you in on today. I was gonna update yesterday, but I was pissed off with cops for a little certain something. Anyway. Here's the news. *Takes a huge breath* During this week, Billie posted 2 new songs on I have .wav files of them, thanks to 409 Online:

+ New Song #1 +

+ New Song #2 +

+Ok, now that the new songs are out of the way, here's the other big news from On November 12, 2001, Billie, Mike, and Tre will be heading up north to film an episode of the Chris Isaak Show in Vancouver, BC, Canada. And last for GD news, I don't know how much respect I have for this, but 'International Superhits' got 3 1/2 uhh..bunnies out of 4 in Playboy. Here is the article. +

+Website Updates/News: I didn't get to add these AIM Buddy Icons to the Downloads page nor the new songs to the Multimedia page, but you got 'em. I'll add them as soon as I can. These icons are the ones from the International Superplayer and Warner AIM Buddy Icons.
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