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Hey all! Our wonderful drummer Tre Cool was born on this day back in 1972. So everyone wish him a happy 29th birthday! And you know....you can get drunk in honor of it, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. :) Anyways, I have 2 contests to tell you about. 409 Online's GREEN DAY INTERNATIONAL SUPERHITS SUPERMARKET SUPERGIVEAWAY, which is their 2nd Annual Greenday.net Picture Contest. Just take a picture of you being wackey at your local supermarket and send it in. You must have a copy of International Superhits with you though. And the next thing is the the Zumiez Green Day Supernatural Supertrip Sweepstakes which you can enter here. Now for this website...the tiebreaker for the GDA Contest ends tomorrow, and there are over 700 votes! I never expected that kind of response...but umm ok. I'll post that winner tomorrow. For updates, I'm adding the lyrics to Poprocks & Coke that were sent to me by Manda. Even though you guys think I've been
doing nothing on this site, you're wrong. I've been redoing the band profiles page. I only got Billie Joe done, but I'm starting on Mike soon and he should be done soon as well. One more person was added to the Fan List. And umm...that's it. See ya tomorrow when I get to the winner of the GDA Contest! Oh and remember to vote for your favorite entry at Greenday.com!
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