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Alllllllrightythen. You have 5 more days to Christmas shop, so get it done. Anyway, I got some GD news for ya. At Billboard they have this article and it had this to say: +

"Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, Green Day, the Offspring, and Rancid are among the artists confirmed to contribute to a Ramones tribute album, due for a spring release on DV8/Columbia. According to the label, some of the tracks are already completed, but most artists are expected to record their songs after the holiday season."

+ So as the article says, Green Day will be on The Ramones' Tribute Album due out in 2002. Also on, Billie posted yet another Christmas song, The First Noel, and dedicated it to the UK. Once again, the cover sounds fucking awesome! They really should do a Christmas album. Anyway, go check it out or else. And freaking go to Green Day Fan Site and sign up for the mailing list cuz that site is awesome. And for this site, please SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!! Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top? *sad puppy face* I caught up on all my updating...well almost..but..drumroll's a list of all the pages I updated: +

+ Tour - 1 Date +

+ The Fan List - 1 Fan was Added +

+ Collector's Corner - 2 Buyers Added +

+ Videos - Macy's Day Parade and Poprocks & Coke +

+ Links - 1 New Link +

+ Downloads - The International Superhits Font +

+ Link Us - 2 New Banners +

I'm still workin' on the new profiles pages for Mike and Tre. I have almost all of Mike's Profile done except for a biography. I need links though! If you have any links made just for Mike or just for Tre, e-mail them to me please. Well, that's about all folks. Till next time....
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