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Billie Joe posted a new audio message recently. He discusses a band named Agent 51 on his label (Adeline Records), whom will be starting a tour this month. 'International Superhits' dropped 7 spots on the Billboard 200 this week. Last week it was 64, now it clocks in at 71. Remember when I updated that Green Day will be on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, The New Guy? More information on that can be found now at MTV. Green Day is featured in a new song along with Offspring called "Green Day / The Offspring" which will air January 31 on TRIO. For more information, check out the GD TV Guide. Speaking of TV shows Green Day will be on, they destroyed the room at the Chris Isaak Show recently. For more details, click here. +

+ Tyrone (GD Rox) and Lloyd (Green Day Fan Site) put together a new forum. Check it out here. As for this site, I'm hoping to have a new addition added sometime this week. It will be called either Showoff or GD Showcase, I'm not sure which yet. The idea of it is to have Green Day fans send in what rare Green Day items or even items that they made, to be put up and be appreciated here at GDA. If you have anything like a rare item, a painting/drawing, anything related to Green Day that you've made, take a picture and send it to me along with your name and e-mail to If I need more information I'll e-mail you and ask. Thanks and that's it for this update. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you. Congratulations to Stuart Reed from Shoreline, WA who won the Green Day Supernatural Supertrip Contest. Check to see if you won anything here.
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