Follow GDA on threads! @gdauthority was everyone's day? My day sucked balls, complete with retard drivers and work. And I need to get this out....what the fuck is so special about Nickelback's "How You Remind Me"?!?? I can't fucking stand that song anymore, besides the fact that it's played 20 million times a day it's JUST FUCKING ANNOYING. Get over it. Anyway, enough with my weird rants. Blink-182 and Green Day say hello via satellite, and the Knicks City Dancers get the audience pumped up. Yeah, and that's on MTV's TRL on Wednesday, February 13 @ 3:30PM EST. Have fun. Billie Joe left a new audio message at Don't expect much though, literally. And there is a new interview with Billie Joe from Mean Street Magazine. View it here with our thanks to 409 Online. And last, if you live in California you're in luck, the first 2 Pop Diaster tour dates are posted. They are posted below and on the Tour page

+ April 20th - Pop Disaster Tour @ Verizon Ampitheatre - Irvine, CA +
+ April 24th - Pop Disaster Tour @ Forum - Los Angeles, CA +
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