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So uhh yeah. Billie Joe's birthday is tomorrow, February 17. So I just wanna take this opportunity in case I don't get to update tomorrow to say Happy 30th Birthday Billie Joe! Woo hooo! And since I didn't update the 14th, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day or for some people, Single Awareness Day. Now, I feel it's time for the poll results and for a new poll as well. So here are the results of the last poll:

What do you think of the Blink182/Green Day tour?
I love both bands, so I would go. : 90 votes = 53%
I dislike Blink182, so I will NOT be going. : 11 votes = 7%
Even though I dislike Blink182, I will go anyway. : 68 votes = 40%
Total Votes: 169

I must say I'm proud of the results, it shows a lot of people won't turn their backs on Green Day, regardless of who they tour with. The new poll question is: Are you satistfied with the current tour itinerary?. Go to the GDA Poll page to vote now. There are also 2 articles you can check out if it interests you. 'Green Day, Blink Plan 'Pop Disaster'' @ Billboard and 'Blink-182, Green Day Unveil Pop Disaster Summer Itinerary' @ Allstar. Two more new affiliates, Green Day Addiction and Crap Shack. Please, if you wanna become an Affiliate, make sure my site is linked where you can see it on your site (in an Affiliates section) or a banner is posted. If I don't see it there, I will not link you. It's no offense, but I'm doing something for someone else and I expect the same in return. Thanks. If I don't get to update tomorrow, all my best wishes to Billie Joe Armstrong on his 30th. :)
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