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I think it's stupid that I start these with "Hi" all the time, so I'm just gonna say fuck it and get into what I want to say. I got my tickets for Hershey today at Ticketmaster today. It sucks that I can only get 4, because I need more. They were $42.15 a pop which isn't all that expensive, for 2 bands that I live. Saves the Day will be at Hershey, and I don't really care for them. I want to see Jimmy Eat World. :( Anyway, Billie Joe left an audio message at today. It's about people blaming the decline in music industry profits from downloading music off the Internet. If you listen to Billie Joe's opinion, you'll find that he's absoultly correct in what he says. He's for the downloading of music off the Internet because people should have to right know what they are buying because most records nowadays are crap. I wanna know what the big fucking deal is. The music industry makes billions and billions of dollars each year. Boo hoo if they lose a couple of million. It'd be a same if they could pay Britney Spears 20 million dollars to go up stage for an hour or two. Anyway, let me know your opinon by signing my guestbook. Right now, I gotta go.

****To those who inquired in my guestbook, I made a mistake here. The 4 tickets alltogether did come to $172.
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