Tre calls himself a whore at He also tells us that they have the new list of songs for the new album ready. Sounds great. Anyway, some new contests. Well contest...blah. AT&T Wireless is having a contest to fly to Atlanta to see the Pop Disaster tour perform May 18. "You'll arrive at the show in a limo and head straight to the VIP section enjoying all the southern comforts, all courtesy of AT&T Wireless. We'll also put you up at one of Atlanta's finest for two nights and give you $300.00 spending cash for the ultimate down home shopping spree.So don't gamble with your chance to win." Click here and enter now! GDA might have a contest coming up soon. I'm not sure when it will start or what exactly the prize will be, but I'm thinking about a gift certificate from Interpunk, so you can get a new Green Day shirt to go along with you Pop Disaster Tour tickets. Wouldn't that be awesome if I could afford to give away tickets for the show on my website? Yeah, I know it would be. But I'm poor. Speaking of the Pop Disaster Tour, another date was added for April 21st at the Verizon Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA. That is because tickets for the April 20th show are already sold out. The tickets for the April 21st show go on sale this Saturday (March 9) at 10AM PST. Adeline Records has set up a new clearance page, which includes bands like One Man Army and The Frustrators, and also some Adeline stuff. Just so you know, it's all girls stuff. I want the one shirt in the regular section, but remember, I'm poor. Damn car payment.Well, that's about all I have for you today. Please send in your concert reviews and pictures of you guys meeting the guys to Oh yeah, and the contact us and tour pages have been updated with new info. Ta ta.
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