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Didja know they taste like real cheese...even though they look like fishes? Sorry I have that jingle in my head right now. Tre Cool posted another new audio message at Don't ask me what it says, because for some reason it won't work for me. So I guess I'm screwed into my SOB computer decides to be normal. HA! Anyway, this guy Doobie posted some more pictures at from The Fillmore in 1997. Check them out. Also I just noticed today that the Store has some awesome new girl's hoddies and shirts. The only problem is they are only made in a medium, so I won't be getting one. :/ As I always say, I'm to fat to wear that. Well before I get pissed off, I'm going to get off the subject. Well...uhh...I'm going. Oh and I need a new fucking AOL SN. The one I have is getting old. Have any ideas? O'doyle Rules!
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