Website Updates

By Courtney /Apr. 14, 2002 / Comments
Once again, no new Green Day news today. However, the Pop Disaster Tour kicks off in just 3 days. :) But, other than that, nothing. So you have to put up with boring website updates. The new Picture Vault is coming along surely but slowly. It's a royal pain in the ass, but I'm still doing it. I discovered I don't have that many Billie Joe by himself pictures, so if you have any that I don't have, or of Mike and Tre, send 'em to me. Along side of this update you will see a graphic. That's the new Green Day desktop wallpaper I made. It sucks, but oh well. If you want to download it, head on over to the Downloads page. Make sure you follow the onscreen instructions. The only other update was 2 new additions to the Fan List. The fuckin' guestbook still isn't fuckin' working, even though I paid fuckin' 6 bucks to upgrade it. Can ya tell I'm pissed? Well, that's about it for today. It's back to work tomorrow. :( I hate Mondays....
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