Hey everybody! The Pop Disaster Tour kicks off TONIGHT in Bakersfield, California (if anyone gets pictures send 'em to me)! Lucky bastards. I'm still counting down the days till May 23. :) I was meaning to update yesterday, but my Internet cable wasn't working for some reason. :\ I heard they came out today and fixed it though. I worked a little bit on the site from my laptop though, just pages for the new picture archive. It's soooo fucking hot out here. It's like 90 degrees and it's only April. :/ Anyway. Wanna win a trip to Scottland to see Green Day, No Doubt, and the Foo Fighters live in action? Yeah so do I. Well Artistdirect at AT & T Wireless has your chance. Click here for more details. Didn't get Pop Disaster Tour tickets? Head on over to Citysearch to enter to win tickets. Remember the reports about the compliation album that Adeline Records is putting out with the brand new Green Day song? Well that album is going to be called "Every Dog Will Have It's Day" and will be released June 18th. Other bands on the album will be Agent 51, The Crush, One Time Angels, The Influents, and more. Adeline Records merchandise will soon be showing up on the shelves and pages of Hot Topic starting at the end of April. With every Adeline purchase, you will receive an Adeline sampler free. Miss the scan of the recent Rolling Stone article about the Pop Disaster tour? You can now read it at the The Rolling Stone Website. As for GDA, like I said before I'm still working on the new picture archive. I have a few more pages to go yet, then it should be up. As I've said before, I noticed that I don't have a lot of individual pictures of the guys, so if you have any that I don't have, feel free to e-mail them to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. And last update was 4 new fans to the Fan List were added. Have a great day and if you live on the east USA coast keep your ass near an air conditioner!
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