New Link

By Courtney /Apr. 23, 2002 / Comments
No Green Day news today, that I know of. As for website news, we have a new link, The MXPX Site. Check it out, it's pretty awesome. I actually won tickets to see Green Day in Hershey, PA from WZZO (I was caller 25 when they played a Green Day song). Now everyone here knows I already have tickets for that show, but ya know, I wanted them for my friends. I win, and here you have to be 21. I was disappointed, but I gave the tickets to my brother and his girlfriend. They like Green Day so there ya go. :) They better buy me a shirt or something though! :) BUT it figures, for once in my life I win something and I can't go. Oh well. Three months and 367 days till I'm 21. So close, yet so far away.
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