Website Updates

By Courtney /Apr. 25, 2002 / Comments
I have a question before I plunge into the website updates (no Green Day news today). Does anyone know who sings a song that part of it goes "I don't mind the sun sometimes....". I heard it on Y100 and I can't fucking figure it out! Anyway. I figured out that I made a mistake on the new Green Day Wallpaper I made (pictured to the right). The correction has been made and you can download that from our Downloads section. A ton of new pictures were added to the Picture Vault today, totaling 262 pictures in all. I didn't even think I had that many. However I will still take any lovely Green Day pictures you have to give me. I want to start a new section too, which will be Fan Art. That's so everyone can show me how much I suck at art. As for the GDA Contest to win the brand new Green Day/blink-182/Jimmy Eat World shirt, I have 26 entries so far. Make sure if you plan on entering to do so by May 3, 2002, which is a day before Mike's birthday. Hrmm...let's see what fan was added to the Fan List....and yes....I think that is all. During the course of this entry fucking KaZaa blue screened on me AGAIN, causing me to have to restart my computer. WHY THE FUCK DOES IT DO THAT?!?! Does anyone else in the fucking world have that problem besides me?!?!? God. Life is grand isn't it? And hey, since I did all this for you, how about you go and vote for GDA on the GDXFS Challenge for May.'re so damn nice. :)
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