Tony Vincent was on NBC's 'The Voice' last night, a singing competition where contestants (if picked) join a team of one of four different artists. During the blind auditions he was picked by Cee Lo Green to be a part of his team. Tony will be appearing on more episodes of 'The Voice' which airs Monday's on NBC.

Here's video of his performance of Queen's "We Are The Champions."

You guys can keep up with Tony's updates on his official Facebook page. wrote about Tony being picked:
[quote]So it's only fair that Cee Lo finally gets a fellow cueball with Tony Vincent, who's starred in Rent and American Idiot and even worked with Queen on We Will Rock You in London. From the moment Tony rips into Queen's "We Are the Champions" (or, as he sings it, "Wee-eeeee are the champ-yuuuuns") it's clear that the guy's a performer right down to his eyeliner. This is a growling, undulating, nearly-yodeling voice that no doubt shamed his whole theater class from grades 1 through 12.[/quote]

Tony played St. Jimmy in "American Idiot" from it's original run in Berkeley through it's stay in New York on Broadway. Billie Joe filled his position as St. Jimmy for the remaining weeks of the shows stay at the St. James theater in New York.

Thanks to Kyle for sending this news.
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