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This week's Song of the Week is the delightfully crude, undeniably Tre-penned Like A Rat Does Cheese, an unreleased song originally aired during a live radio performance by Green Day on Washington DC's DC 101 FM.

As with many of Tre's songs, Like A Rat Does Cheese has a country-inspired twang about it, and is played (by Tre) on acoustic guitar. As for the lyrics, if you don't understand them then maybe you're not old enough to be on the internet.

This week's video was filmed on August 16th, 2009 before the Salt Lake City date of the 21st Century Breakdown tour. From the video's description: "We waited outside in Salt Lake City for the tour bus to come out and Tre hopped out and sang dirty to us."
(video credit: IDClove2010)

Lyrics and a download for the song can be found here, and this is Like A Rat Does Cheese's Song of the Week thread, where you'll find some member-discussion. Feel free to stop by and post your opinion or nominate next week's song.
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