As we've mentioned before, Billie Joe is going to make a guest appearance on the Showtime show Nurse Jackie next month. Just recently, Showtime uploaded a video to YouTube that has the main cast of the show talking about all the guests on this coming season. In the clip below, we see Eve Best and Edie Falco saying some kind words for Billie Joe.

[quote]He had a sense of confidence. He's obviously a performer. Though he may not have had a ton of experience as an actor, there was nothing that could happen that he couldn't handle.[/quote]

Billie Joe's appearance will air on the season opener next month on April 8th. If you would like to watch the show, you would need to be subscribed to Showtime. If you aren't, I'm sure it'll show up online sometime soon after.

Thanks to amy_sposito for sending us the video.
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