[caption=Mike Dirnt showing off his awesome truck.]052512_miketruck.jpg[/caption]This month Mike Dirnt is featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine where he talks about his classic 1956 Ford Panel truck. Mike tells us the story about how he first came across his truck and then about the recent renovations that were done.

[quote]One weekend I headed to the Turlock Swap Meet. I didn't find anything of interest on site, but having been to my fair share of car shows, decided to check out the parking lot outside the swap meet. Once there, I spotted what looked like a panel truck roof about 70 yards off. I ran over to it and there was the toughest looking panel I've ever seen and it was for sale! It was a 1956 Ford with a 460ci engine and a C6 tranny, Volare front end, and was rough enough around the edges that it was a piece of art as-is! Like that perfectly worn pair of Chuck Taylors.[/quote]
Head on over to CustomClassicTrucks.com where you can read the full interview or pick up a physical version at your local news stand.

Thanks to @roxsw88_gdlot for sending us this news.
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