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The June issue of Alternative Press magazine includes a feature entitled "The Songs You've Never Heard" and included is article on Green Day's lost album Cigarettes and Valentines.

[quote]Green Day intended to follow up 2000's Warning by recording 20 or so speedy, 1-2-fuck-you songs for an album called Cigarettes and Valentines. But before ether completed the album, the master tapes went missing from Studio 880, the Oakland, California, facility where they were working. Most reports use the word "stolen" to describe what happened to the tapes.[/quote]
Ten years after Cigarettes and Valentines was supposed to be released we have only heard the title track of the album on 2011's live album Awesome as Fuck. This has lead many to question if the album was really "stolen" or if the band just didn't think the material was "maximum Green Day."

You can read the full scan from the magazine over in our Articles section.
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