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In addition to Rolling Stone's magazine article, their website has posted an exclusive interview with Billie Joe talking about the new albums and what we can expect to hear from them - both lyrically and musically.

David Fricke, senior editor, sat down with Billie Joe for more than an hour at Ocean Way Recording in LA to talk about the new albums. Billie Joe admits "it's exciting and nerve-wracking," and "we are going into the unknown - I don't know what's going to happen." But, Billie thinks that the whole idea is great: "This is just a crazy idea that just happens to be working really well."

Topcs in this Q&A cover everything from the Occupy Protests, to Green Day's contract with Warner, to dance music.

One of the more interesting parts of the Q&A is where Fricke asks Billie what he thinks the band needed to do after American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. A question to which Billie replied with this:

"People ask me all the time. Even my son asked me, "Dad, would you ever go back to playing songs like from Dookie and Kerplunk?" I love those records. I love the punk stuff I grew up on. But there are so many bands who make the mistake - "We're going back, old-school." Well, that's all you're doing. You already did it. So we're changing the guitar sound. We're not going with the big Marshall-amp thing. We wanted something punchier, more power pop - somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles."

Other highlights of the article include Billie Joe explaining why "It's Fuck Time" will be on the new albums as well as some insight on a rather peculiar track titled, "Kill the DJ."

Give the Q&A a read and you'll be happy you did. In the article, Fricke mentions that he had private interviews with the three band members and Rob Cavallo. Hopefully those interviews with surface as well.

Also, Billie Joe wants to kill our Static Noise podcast :(

"Fricke: Who's the DJ you want to kill?
Bille: It's about static and noise."

On a side note, I'm actually really liking that Fricke had this interview with the band. His writing, questions for the band, and insight are great for us fans. Hopefully we'll hear more from him soon!
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