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[caption=Screenshot of ¡Tré! video]062812_tre-ss.jpg[/caption]Moments ago, the Idiot Club posted the trailer and artwork for ¡Tré!, the final piece of Green Day's three-album masterpiece.  ¡Tré! is due out January 15th of next year.

Right now, the trailer and artwork are exclusive to Idiot Club members (sign up by [url=]clicking here[/url]) but will be made public in just a couple hours (around 1pm EST). When that happens, check back to GDA for the video and artwork.

In the video, we see various shots of the band performing live, in the studio, and performing some of their usual shenanigans. It's a nice visual and really shows how much fun the band is having. The song in the video is pretty pump-ass if I say so myself. Sounds like a rock 'n roll Green Day track. Can't wait for it.

You can check out the trailer and artwork for ¡Uno! [url=]right here[/url] and ¡Dos! [url=]here[/url]. You can also see a full list of all stories published related to the upcoming trilogy.

If you're not an Idiot Club member, check back in a couple hours and we'll have all the goodies.
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