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Before I start off, I'd like to let everyone know we've brought on a new team member, Matt (gdkid2010 on the forum) to help us out. He'll be joining us as a news editor starting tomorrow, so you'll be seeing his name pop up here regularly . I'm looking forward to working with him, and excited to have him on board. This means more good stuff for you guys.

With that short introduction, onto the news.

It was announced a couple days ago that Billie Joe will be joining Bill Maher on his HBO series 'Real Time with Bill Maher' on April 9th.

The show airs at 10pm EST on HBO. For those unfamiliar with the show, it's a political commentary/comedy show that touches on current events, usually with a panel discussing different topics. GDA-visitor Maddie wrote in to let us know about this announcement, and mentioned that this show "is special in that it will consist of one-on-one interviews with the guests, as opposed to the panel format that usually makes up the bulk of the show."

Either way, it should be interesting. 'Real Time' usually has frequent repeats on HBO, so you should be able to catch the show after the air date if you can't watch that night.

Thanks to Maddie, Analee, starrcm and Ken for sending in this news
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