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[caption=Ultimate Box Set]072312_boxset.jpg[/caption]Green Day's official site is now taking pre-orders for all three of the new albums and there are a few packages available for pre-order. An Ultimate Box Set, a Digital Box Set, and a ¡Uno! CD Book.

The biggest, and coolest, package is the Ultimate Box Set. This box set includes physical and digital version of all three albums. The physical CDs will each include 40-page booklets. Three digital singles are included as well - starting with "Oh Love." Also with this box set is a DVD of the documentary the band is working on about the creative process of the new albums. Finally, it includes a one-year membership to the Idiot Club. This Ultimate Box Set is available for pre-order now and is $79.99. An excellent price for all three albums (both physically and digitally), three singles, the 40-page booklets, a DVD, and an Idiot Club membership.

Another pre-order package available is a Digital Box Set. With this, you will receive digital versions of all three albums on their release dates, three digital singles, and a digital version of the documentary. This box set is $39.99. Again, not a bad price for three albums, three singles, and a video.

The final item available for pre-order is the ¡Uno! CD Book, which is the ¡Uno! album with the 40-page booklet for $21.99.

All these booklets will include "a collection of expanding lyrics and artwork" and are 5.5" x 7.5".

Again, pre-orders are available right now so go check them out. If you order the Ultimate Box Set or the Digital Box Set, you will immediately get a digital download of "Oh Love." Looks as if this download is US-only at this point.

As a side note, when ordering the Ultimate Box Set, it says that the second single is coming August 14th and the third is on October 9th.
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