Last night at midnight, the first showings of the new movie "The Campaign" took place. As we posted a couple weeks ago, the song "99 Revolutions," from Green Day's forthcoming ¡Tré!, was featured as the first song in the movie's end credits.

The article (written by Hitflix) that announced the song's part in the movie gives a good description as to what the feel of "99 Revolutions" is:

"The up-tempo track has plenty more punk than recently released Green Day single "Oh Love." In addition, it's a rallying cry for the Occupy movement, contrasting the 99-percenters to the top 1%. Hence the name."

Also, here are Billie Joe's comments on how he felt when writing the song, taken from a recent interview:

"We wanted to be part of it in some way," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said of the Occupy Oakland protests over the last year. "I thought it was about working people and where we come from. But Oakland got really complicated when the anarchists started coming in. I'm not into that -- smashing the windows in a small business.
I feel like a 99, but technically I'm a 1. You know, ['99 Revolutions'] was an easy song to write. I know that's where I come from -- the 99 -- even though I can afford for my kids to go to a good college."

The YouTube uploader had to cut out the instrumental part of the song that had some dialogue over it (copyright reasons), so you're listening to two parts of the song put together. Check it out!

From what we can hear, the lyrics especially are REALLY American Idiot-esque. In fact, the melody of the song itself is Cheap Trick-sounding, which is what others have also said about new songs like "Carpe Diem." But most of all, I think "99 Revolutions" sounds a lot like the B-side to the "American Idiot" single, "Too Much, Too Soon." Hear it?! The song feels like older, mid 2000's, political Green Day, but it definitely has a fresh twist to it, just like the other new songs we've heard.

Tell us what you think of "99 Revolutions" in the comments!

We first heard the song at the band's surprise show in Austin, TX last November. A clip of it can be heard on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Thanks to Otto for sending in this news.
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