[caption=Billie and Tre on stage last night at the Echoplex]080712_echoplexshow.jpg[/caption]Ending just a few hours ago, Green Day's secret show at the Echoplex has been the buzz of the Green Day world with news from the show coming in faster than we can keep up with.

For starters it looks like Green Day wasn't as strict on the no camera rule as they have been during the previous secret shows. Videos of "Nuclear Family," "Kill The DJ," and "Wild One" have already showed up on YouTube.

The two hour set list included songs spanning the band's entire career opening with "Welcome To Paradise" and "American Idiot" leading into new songs which included "Nuclear Family," "Stay the Night," "Carpe Diem," "Let Yourself Go," "Oh Love," "Kill The DJ," "Stray Heart," "Wild One," and "It's Fuck Time." Sprinkled between the new songs were classics including "J.A.R." and "Christie Road."

During the excitement of the show, it looks like we also now know the track lists of both ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!. This photo was taken of the set list that was onstage, earlier in the night fans suspected that the band might be playing the trilogy all the way though.

This show was Green Day's first public appearance since the band announced and began recording the trilogy in February.

For more information on the show, head on over to our tour page where you can see the full set list and more. Do you have any photos or videos that we're missing from last night? If you do, please send them to jimmy@greendayauthority.com so we can add them to this post.
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