Hey all. GDA actually won the GDXFS Challenge for May! Thanks to everyone that voted! LAUNCH has an article about Green Day donating the proceeds of 4.29's performance in Oakland, CA. Read all about it here. Well, that is if you can get to it. I'll post the jist of it here:

Green Day's Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong tell LAUNCH. "In Oakland of all places, I mean, they have an incredible trauma unit and all that stuff. It's a great hospital. I've been in and out of there a couple times with my kiddo, you know? It's just a great charity. I mean, hey, it's a hospital, how bad can it be?," Dirnt says.

Armstrong adds, "Plus, you know, Tre (Cool)'s been in and out of Children's Hospital his entire life, either breaking something or in the psych ward. And then my kids and his kids and Mike's kids will probably do the same thing."

    Armstrong continues, "We've been dicked over on some charities but this organization is solid and everyone's money [from] tickets is going directly to Children's Hospital."

Did you know that there is a Pop Disaster Tour Sampler? I didn't know, until I came across it at LAUNCH. The 6 track album includes Maria, Minority (Radio Verison), Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (Radio Verison), When I Come Around, Brain Stew (Radio Verison), and Basketcase. Buy the sampler now at LAUNCH. The little blurb to the right is from the June/July 2002 Issue (Page 88) of Teen People magazine, and quite frankly, it pissed me off. Green Day is childish? Well then what the hell is Nsync and the Backstreet Boys?!?! And you'll love it when they call blink-182 "Green Day clones". E-mail them and bitch at letters@teenpeople.com. I did. For a status check on the GDA Contest, I have 43 entries. Contest ends Friday, May 3, so if you want a chance to win get your entry in. Remember only 1 entry per person please. Last thing, if anyone has a VHS taping of REVERB, the show on HBO featuring Green Day, and are interested in copying or selling it to me please e-mail me. I don't have HBO and I really want a tape of the show because I was there. Thanks a bunch. :) Pages that have been updated : Collector's Corner, The Fan List, Links, and Concert Reviews.
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