Hey all what's up? Man, I'm running on 2 hours of sleep, so bear with me. Last night was wild. To the right is a picture of Thad (my boyfriend) and the band we had play last night. They are Blunt and they are awesome! They play mostly punk/rock. Anyway, Happy 30th Birthday Mike! The winner of the GDA Contest is Phil from Essex, England. Congratulations to him. Billie Joe said No to Ted Nugent's upcoming CD idea....read all about it at Yahoo. And Doobie from Greenday.com posted some pictures from the Pop Disaster Tour in Las Vegas. Check them out at Greenday.com. Right now, I gotta head out. Later.

Ahhh man it's sooo nice to have off on a Friday. I'm lovin' it. I have to bartend tonight at a local concert for the ambulance company I'm in, so I have to do everything now. What does this mean? It means the GDA Contest is over ya nimrod! I went through all the entries and deleted the blank/duplicate ones and have determined that we had 55 entries altogether. Woo hoo! The winner will be announced here tomorrow, Mike's birthday. As for other contests, go to Green Day Crap's Art Contest and vote for your favorite peice. Remember that Pop Disaster Tour Sampler I told you about? Well Green Day > UK has a picture of it and of some other Green Day merchandise that is available to buy at the concerts. Check that out. We also want you guys to go to MTV's TRL and vote for the Macy's Day Parade video. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom and enter the information in the 'Other' section. Make sure you fill in all the fields. Our affiliate 1039 Sweet Children got a new layout so go check that out. As for GDA, I don't know if you know it or not, but the Videos page now includes direct links to each video. With the exception of the 'unoffical' Warning video. I got an e-mail about this and when I'm going to have it on. I've seen the video, but I don't have it anymore and if I did I'd put it on here. Right now I can't find it anywhere on the Internet. If you have it, please contact me. I also added The New Guy soundtrack to the Lyrics & Discography page, but I need the lyrics to Outsider. If you have 'em, please send them to me. Over the next few days, I'll also be adding b-sides and rarites to the archive. Two new fans were added to the Fan List. Well, I guess that's all. Oh and Green Day's playing at the E Center in Salt Lake City, UT, so have fun everyone that is going! +
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