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Hey everyone. Over the last few days, I received an unusual amount of 'fanmail' for this site, and I thank you all for it. I'll respond as soon as I am able to. 409 Online is having a contest to win Billie Joe's shirt among some other autographed things, so go to their website for more details on how to enter. There's also a contest out to win an autographed Xbox from Green Day and blink-182. All you have to do to enter is head over to www.xbox.com and signup to enter. As for GDA, a Fan Art page was added. I hope to get more artwork in from you guys. Also, more pictures were added to the Picture Vault. Pictures were added of Billie Joe (page 2), Tre (page 1), Mike (page 1), Specific Concert (page 5), Various Concert (page 2), and Group (page 4). Enjoy. The Links page was also updated with some new links, and I also removed dead/missing links. Green Day Crap has a video of the performance of 'Macy's Day Parade' from Asbury Park, NJ. Check it out! It's awesome. I feel so weird watching it because it's just like...I was there. I saw this. It makes a sweep by where I was sitting too (I almost passed out so I had to sit). Have fun.
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